The early hours of a new day Sit long, and undefined Time flows differently here Things always Both far and near The body calls for sleep But mind does not pick up the voicemail As thoughts surface and sink Sleep hunted for like the obsessed man Hunts a white whale This quiet time Marked by […]

Series End

Time stretches on Empty and unfilled No longer do I see Those precious images Or hear that sweet song I stare into space And see only atoms I keep staring As the rain Knocks at my window pane And I lament I think back I am wistful I engaged copiously Took it in by the […]

Forgotten Spaces

Another poem in English, translated to French, and translated back.  Original English Steps no longer Able to be stepped on Trees behind tall walls Eminating a birds song Dusty rooms who’s Stillness is forever unreachable These are our hidden places Like the lure Of a sweet scent They turn faces As thoughts of mystery and […]

People + Places = Moments

A moment to stay for Coupled with Nothing to walk away for Makes for a perfect end To a day for sure A projector dispenses Images at a wall Slovakian tongues, poor subtitles The treat for these few By this moment entitled Eyes feast Laughs spill Another culture Into mind Does spill Very similar but […]

The Blue Tree

A poem inspired by the painting of a friend of mine, Admire Ncube. The blue tree Welcomes me The blue tree Speaks to me The blue true Transports me I tumble into its canopy Blossoms and blue leaves All that I can see I tumble out A mind swept clean Of noise and doubt At […]

Visible Thoughts Launch Live Album

Happy Friday! I hope you are all fantastic! For your listening pleasure I have turned the amazing videos captured by Lucy Lungley and Billy Counter into a live album! Listen to it on SoundCloud or download it for free!  To download it click SoundCloud in the widget and click on each track in the album. […]


With a splash That leaf laden infuser Sinks down With a clink As more and more colours Seep out with each blink Under a haze of rising steam That water becomes something Truly supreme It turns onto tea To quote Aristotle on virtue It is the best path to take, truly the mean And I […]

Videos From The Book Launch

I would like to thank Billy Counter and Lucy Lungley for filming my set at the launch for my book Visible Thoughts! I braved hearing my own voice and picked a few to put on YouTube.  Here are a few of my favourites. Here is the Spotify playlist from the night as well, a little […]

The Inter-Dimensional Bench

I had the best time performing with Tiff from Central Saint Martins University as part of Folkestone Triennial 2017! Tiff has created a bench reflecting nature and society, Japanese and Western culture. To quote Tiff, ‘I love you f*&King bench!’ There are many benches Many odes and memorials But none like this one As if […]