The House Guitar

Another song on another day
The house guitar rings out
To help the spontaneous
And the ill prepared
Always have their say

It’s body a tapestry of finger prints
It’s tuning off sometimes so much
The new player is known to wince
The house guitar hangs ready
For the next persons touch

Ready to help the next troubadour
Release their soul
And let their spirit soar
Never knowing who
Might walk through the door

A thousand different songs
Covers, one offs and originals
And still it’s repertoire goes on and on
This guitar shining out possibilities
like a bright star

More than this though
The guitar radiates the warmth
Of a thousand players
Detailing a history
That few will ever know

And a mystery
Who has used it before
Who will use it next
And whoever decided to tune it like that
The new addition is thoroughly vexed

But player after player
Leaves their mark
Leaves their spark
As someone might
Leave notches on a bedpost

Something special shared
By this guitar and them
And by us, the listener
All making a moment
More unique than a priceless gem

So, here’s to the house guitar
The beating heart
Of any bar
Something slightly

Dave James Horn ©

The Beast From The East

The weather forecast warned us
Don’t go out or the beast will get ya
Watch out for crashed cars
And a sore arse
They said

And heedless, I went ahead
Survived a few days
But when the ice came
On my feet it was
Just too hard to remain

But the beast was beautiful to
An invitation to share and talk
With strangers from every life and walk
Dropping the personal shield
Hands reaching out across the icy field

Sledging and snowball fights
Giggles and laughs
In this world
It can be a while before
They cross your path

More than this though
An enforced mindfulness
And slowing down
No choice not to take in the cold beauty
And exchange the frown

Some people say
The snow turns life upside down
But then who is to say
That to begin with
We had it the right way around?

Dave James Horn ©

In Between Lives

It’s a curious place to be
Sitting between lives
Like being on small island
Lapped by two different tides
And yet here I am
Just kicking back getting a sun tan

Looking back I can see shipwrecks
And blood specks
The water sits crowded
Simply a mess
I take a sip of my coffee
Appreciate this sunshine and peace

In front of me the water stretches
Calm and unbroken
I ask it for a direction, a token
The wind whispers an unknown tongue
Perhaps one soon to be sung
I greet the uncertainty with a feeling of fun

Some days I sit in the surf
Marvel as my feet float above
The sunken earth
Looking for that wave
Some idea or direction
It’s a reassurance I crave

It hasn’t come yet
But somehow I feel it
A feeling of optimism
Filling my soul
Like air
Fills my lungs

For now though
I’m just sitting
In between lives
With sand between my fingers
As I search through
The possibilities being advertised

Dave James Horn ©

Visible Thoughts Radio

Happy Easter!

Happy April 1st!

Happy another day alive on planet Earth!

Hey, so I was stroking my cat (as all the best ideas happen) and had a moment. I love music and I am forever playlisting. I have also been on the radio and run music blogs  in the past. So I am going to experiment with Visible Thoughts Radio, a weekly playlist published on Spotify and YouTube.

This will be the first list and I think it could be fun! Below will be links to the first edition on Spotify and on YouTube. I hope you like it.

Dave xxx

Visible Thoughts Radio 01/04/18 on Spotify

Visible Thoughts Radio 01/04/18 on YouTube


All In A Days Work

So excited for the Quick! HIDE Production Summer schedule!

Quick, HIDE! Productions

So, it may be a Saturday and it may be Easter but we are on it! We met today today and planned so many things we can’t wait to tell you, but also can’t tell you yet.  We have created a few brand new sketches and planned the set list for our next up coming shows. The excitement is real, a little bit of wee came out. We almost got asked to leave. We have planned a brand new show but still kept a few old favourites. We can’t wait to rehearse them and hope you love them.

We also wanted to take a second to introduce to the team, seeing as we have begun a whole new project and journey as Quick, HIDE! Productions. We are:

  • The actor, parody songstress and force of nature Karla Hope
  • Actor, physical comedy master and sweat enthusiast Ryan Hill
  • Musical genius and multi-instrumentalist…

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Back to Cyprus

This was an amazing trip, so much fun and so many new experiences!

Creative Ashford

This March, we were happy to be invited once again for a Youth Exchange in Cyprus by Stressball CY. Based in Larnaca, we attended Employability for all between the 7th March to the 17th March. We were also lucky enough to have it all funded by Erasmus+.This time around we were joined by new friends from Egypt, Morocco, Georgia, Turkey and Cyprus of course. The aim of the project was to learn employability skills and to explore the concept of Social Enterprise. How and why to set one up, the considerations when setting up social businesses and the differences and similarities in the participating countries. It was very interesting sharing these different experiences across the countries and learning about other cultures at a whole new level.

Participants were encouraged to work in groups made up of people from each all the different teams present. We developed ideas which will transform…

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I have a proposal
A new measurement
A better way
Been looking at the figures
And what they show about real lives
I don’t know what to say

Gross domestic product
The money we all make
High or low
People’s faces struggle to smile
Don’t have that special glow
You know

So, how about it?
Forget profit
Let’s measure gross domestic joy
The happiness and contentedness
Of every man and woman
Girl and boy

Because I feel that joy is more important
And when it could all be over in an instant
Does that soulless job
Or money in the bank
Fill your soul with light
And delight

I bet not
And don’t get me wrong
In our economic system
Money has it’s place
We have just elevated it
Up to too higher a place

But joy is special
Joy is at the heart of life
Forget your money
It can’t be bought for any price
It can just be

Joy births smiles
It’s side effects include happiness
And laughter
It is in the small and the big
It is ours to find
A sign of life living finesse

Gross national joy
If that is as our aim
Can you imagine the place, the policies
The perfect actualisation of life,
Love and philosophy
I think it could be the future

Dave James Horn ©

Poetry Journey zine

A dear friend of mine 🙂

And So She Thinks

I’m currently coordinating a twelve week creative writing programme for young people, run by Margate Bookie and Prince’s Trust Talent Match. Throughout the programme, young people have the opportunity to work with some of Kent’s finest writers to create their own work. They are also working on creating a zine to share at the May Margate Bookie. Here’s a few images of the session run by Jess of Co Relate, Daisy and Jon at Shopfront Margate.

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Open Mic at Stag Coffee, Ashford 23-02-18

Thank you everyone for coming to the open mic at Stag Coffee, Ashford hosted by Francesca Baker/And So She Thinks and myself. It was great to see so many awesome artists. We had comedy, music and poetry covering everything from how to flirt with someone Instagram style to some beautiful jazz classic renditions. Here are some photos. See you again at Stag on the 30th March.

I Need You

This is basically a love letter to all people, the turning of a new leaf.

I sit here in the glow of a Hollywood hit
And reflect how rare it is
That one of these movies
Makes me think about shit

I sit and I realise
I can’t do this without you
And I don’t mean
As love-sick lovers do

I mean I have seen a crude analogy
Of egos, isolation and self reliance
And this reflection invites me
To take a new stance

I need you, I can’t do everything alone
Bitten and burnt before
I fully see its not all about me
I went and carved a tower and a throne
But I need you and I am happy

I realise, a world without you
Would a sad place indeed
My self made fortress of solitude
Is as boring as it is rude

And whilst I realise I need space
I still enjoy and love your face
Do come in, though I am a mess
And sometimes you will see that I must confess

But I want to know you and I want you
To know me
So that is the way it has be
Straight up cards on the table

We are all on the same team
Atoms in the same Universe
And only now do I see
Together we are more, together is happy

So I just wanted to say
I need you
I want to share life with you
Equals we are, we make a better day

So this is me, and sometimes I’m a mess
But I’ve taken down the curtain
And I like this open feeling
I think it could be the best

Dave James Horn ©

Poems to raise a smile and provoke a thought

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