I, I, I

I am the flap of the pigeon wing I am the drop of rain The sounds filling the air And the ears to hear I am a moment A collection of circumstances I am all around and within As existence sings I am I not a subjective I am an objective Another surface reflected I […]

Cosmic Smiles

Whether it’s the bejewelled night sky Or a friendly passer by This Universe Has love in it’s eyes Shining from that twinkling star Or radiating from that strangers face This is the Universe’s beauty The cosmic race One cosmic face Many expressions The Universe’s love Makes no concessions From the wildest joy to the deepest […]

Existential Musings #1: Tension

I’m very interested in spirituality, physics and philosophy.  The more I read on the above subjects separately the less differences I see.  This could be ridiculous or make some kind of sense, although both terms are highly subjective.   This is just an interactive online blackboard to play with ideas and articulate thoughts into some […]