With a splash That leaf laden infuser Sinks down With a clink As more and more colours Seep out with each blink Under a haze of rising steam That water becomes something Truly supreme It turns onto tea To quote Aristotle on virtue It is the best path to take, truly the mean And I […]

Wet Winter Days

Sounds reach my ears And beyond the steam Rising from my cup I see The clouds shed Their life giving tears The gutters are transformed Into flowing rivers By islands if moss adorned Such is the joy of rain In this moment Not one day of summer is mourned I sit here by my tea […]

Stop And Take A Sip

The other evening as I meditated Left a castle dark and ill fated Got in the meadow Felt the sun And saw another shadow Alongside my one Get out here into the light My name’s Dwight And I’ve got a message I think you’ll like I’ll admit I was confused A second go I was […]

Time For Tea

The kettle boils Signalling the end Of recent toils Time for tea! A dear one calls And from all around they descend Just one cup of tea Is the source of such glee! A time to rest and share Make it herbal And it’s even healthy Hearts, minds and bodies on the mend That is […]