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Young and old gather On the shores of infinity Going to a place of mindful peace Along the road of asana, kriya and surrender David James Horn ©  

The Kindest Cup

Originally posted on Diary of a Northern Teaist:
We sat there, The only sounds, The hiss of the kettle, The crack and moan, Of an old wooden house, The push and pull of…

Presence In The Present

Mindfulness is an ancient practice.  As contemporary now as it was at it’s conception.  Mindfulness has helped so many to make more of life – whether it’s a tool through depression or  just… Continue reading

Those That Have Gone Before

I thank those that have gone before Those who sketched the path Those who in body Are here no more Gratefully I stand on your shoulders I observe your footprints Absorb your lessons… Continue reading

Existential Musings #1: Tension

I’m very interested in spirituality, physics and philosophy.  The more I read on the above subjects separately the less differences I see.  This could be ridiculous or make some kind of sense, although… Continue reading

Be Your Higher Self

‘Stop doing what you want so you can start doing what you like’ Swami mentioned by Paramahansa Yogananda in Autobiography of a Yogi

The Beauty of Mindfulness – by Milan Bakrania

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:
When was the last time you gave your brain a rest? Can you remember a time when you were not regretting the past or worrying about the future,…


Peace and love Love and gratitude Accept no other latitude The angry and the bitter They’re just a shitter With them it’s ok to be a quiter Now what about that longitude Send… Continue reading

Rumi – Be True To Yourself

I speak and he commands, ‘be silent!’ I am silent and he shouts, ‘speak!’ I am excited and he commands, ‘calm down!’ I am composed and he shouts, ‘You are not mad enough!’… Continue reading

The Om Song

Om The Universal song That creative chord Resonating forever On and on The seed The base The substance Of this face This cosmic existential mead Permeating everything The scope of its beauty Is… Continue reading