Free Download!

Here is my first experiment into the world of SoundCloud! Here it is, free for you to download. It’s all about the magic of questions! The sound quality is me still getting to grips with this stuff, but I kind of like it.

Codes part 1: Origins

This follows on from The Coded Life and is the first part of musings and wonderings about our coded lives.  We are subject to codes Before we even exist Before even our parents Exchanged fluids and kissed A social code informs The circumstances of our birth Our name, our conditions The places we can and […]

Those Ships They Sail In The Morning

Those ships they sail in the morning Laden and rigged they wait For the sun and the new day To be dawning The journey to freedom Their mandate Those ships they sail in the morning Those ships they sail in the morning Filled with those who’ve had enough Sick of promises turned bluff Done with […]

An Angry Poem

Oh wait look over there! Whats this latest bomb scare?! While you’re not looking Busy panicking Lets sneak these laws in You won’t notice We’ll keep it on the hush Sell of the services Welfare, well that’s something We no longer wish to touch If you get angry We’ll do something fun Give you a […]

Part Of Something Bigger

We’re all one and the same Candles lit by the same flame Lots of lights Making one shining dawn Lots of voices Adding to one Big beautiful refrain The music of life It’s all about those harmonies Feeding in Creating That big energy You see you’re you And I’m me But we’re best together Not […]

The Heroic Two

Gales and storms roar Tremendous torrents pour The intrepid pair Go where others do not dare The adults though They simply stare Can they not see? Whats going on behind the air Such calamities Rage in the world Of the imaginary But these brothers are ok They have eachother’s back Even when closing doors And […]

Sense of Self

Where does our sense of self come from? Is it from the clothes we wear? The music we like? The things we hate? Or how many likes we get on Facebook? Relating to outside world is one way to build a sense of self.  These ready made identities for us to fill, parts in scripts […]