A Licence To Live

This poem is based on a prison licence, a document with terms and conditions that people sign on release from prison. On this day The day of your birth You have been released You’re licence period extends From now until the moment You become deceased You have one condition, to live One directive To transform […]

Planting Seeds

A mighty jungle An ancient forest That fruitful Orchard All of these things we need Be it air, beauty or to feed And all start With just a seed But seeds aren’t just future plants Seeds are starting points Thoughts and emotions Challenging fears and forming ideas Thinking over and acting on The gate way […]


He sits at the bus stop In the crisp clear morning Clutching flowers And the hope of future smiles Soon to be dawning Patience and care Are his way The things needed To win the day The delivery of his gift A moment so momentous One to change the shape of faces And cause a […]

Selfless To A Fault

Selfless to a fault.  One thing is true, too be eternally selfless may lead to a fault. Helping others requires that we help ourselves. To give, there must be something to give.  But to forever give and never replenish, and eventually there is nothing left to give.  At the point where there is nothing left […]

Time For Tea

The kettle boils Signalling the end Of recent toils Time for tea! A dear one calls And from all around they descend Just one cup of tea Is the source of such glee! A time to rest and share Make it herbal And it’s even healthy Hearts, minds and bodies on the mend That is […]