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Image credit: Hannah Goff  © , a talented Folkestone artist, currently with an exhibition at The Lime Bar, Folkestone. Etsy Shop here.    If I could paint I’d paint a diamond And on it’s… Continue reading

Tumble Stones

The joy of pebbles in streams down beaches. You know tumble stones Are often the more beautiful of gems More perfect More precious They don’t start that way though Buried in the earth… Continue reading

Short Bits

A few short poems that might become bigger things, or maybe four lines is their lot. This mind This lense That drives you Around the bend I ask you a question Why are… Continue reading


Rest is needed Rest is a gift Rest restores But this world is restless It’s cities run all hours The news continuously propose This world’s woes It even seems fashionable To be constantly… Continue reading

I, I, I

I am the flap of the pigeon wing I am the drop of rain The sounds filling the air And the ears to hear I am a moment A collection of circumstances I… Continue reading

Cracking The Shell

Big things in small packages The mantra of the nut The future tree Big leafy bouroughs Atop a big trunk that skyward shoots With wide deep roots But stuck in that nut All… Continue reading

Self acceptance

Originally posted on Happy days of life:
The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself. -Mark Twain My self acceptance was when I was 14. It came a hard way. That…

Selfless To A Fault

Selfless to a fault.  One thing is true, too be eternally selfless may lead to a fault. Helping others requires that we help ourselves. To give, there must be something to give.  But… Continue reading


When looking for answers, look no further than you.  Into your soul, your centre. David James Horn

This Crafty Old Mind

This crafty old mind It makes mountains Out of every mole hill it finds In that chaotic haze of thoughts Reality becomes buried I go blind And all the time my inner peace… Continue reading