My Favourite Symphony

My Favourite Symphony There’s nothing like a good album When you want to chill The sounds The musicianship My ears can’t resist They take sip after sip My favourite album to chill to Is a symphony And it’s not bitter sweet Maybe I sound Like a bit of a hipster But I don’t mind if […]

Rain Chimes

Rain drops patter With this sweet world They natter They soothe and they chime They make a sound Simply sublime They refresh And they restore Letting the world Become beautiful Once more Simultaneously abhorred And adored Sometimes they waft to the ground While others they pour Elegantly vital Critically beautiful What they touch will change […]

Wet Winter Days

Sounds reach my ears And beyond the steam Rising from my cup I see The clouds shed Their life giving tears The gutters are transformed Into flowing rivers By islands if moss adorned Such is the joy of rain In this moment Not one day of summer is mourned I sit here by my tea […]

Nature’s Music

The wind on my windows The pattering of the rain Nature’s chorus Is always a beautiful refrain From the crashing of waves To the tweeting of birds Nature’s sweet symphony Is in the tranquil cave And the noisy herd Beauty in sound It’s messages are so simple But also So profound David James Horn ©