Happy Solstice! What a beautiful sky.  The clouds sit Like elegant brush strokes Delicate wisps On the canvas of the sky As hues blend and shift The stars begin to appear With their gifts Like each great work It pulls the eye in As the joy in perceiving Silences thoughts And wonderings Replacing them with […]


There are some dark things happening in Chechnya. Will we as a global community just watch? And if we just watch, are you prepared for what else you might see? First they came for the gays To see how we might react Lives devastated and kidnapped And the people took photos They captured this dark […]

If I Go, I Want To Go Dancing

That feeling That one you get As the music seeps In to your soul And your spirits Go up to the ceiling The joy felt in moving And I dare to say, grooving As sounds and motion combine And the smile on your face Cannot hide the way You feel sublime Whether it’s a solo […]

Impressions Of Amsterdam

Clean Water Happy people Nice people Beautiful people Bikes Bikes Bikes Calm Wild parrots!? Have you looked up, down, left, right for bikes? Peace *near miss with a bike* Another way Timeless Dave James Horn ©

Lime Bar Moments 

The best moments Take some very special conditions They’re hard to come by But quite magnificent In their addition First and foremost You need people People full of spark People with eyes That could light up the dark And you need tools Things to be used By these merry fools As they create And they […]

Window Seat

Sitting at my window There is a lot to see Comforted by coffee Free from the bright prison Of TV It is a moment to simply be I see the business man Rushing to work I see the school children Unknowingly reflecting on the the world I see young families Energetic kids, parents dreaming of […]


Image credit: Hannah Goff  © , a talented Folkestone artist, currently with an exhibition at The Lime Bar, Folkestone. Etsy Shop here.    If I could paint I’d paint a diamond And on it’s many facets Depict my character traits And my assets I’m not a painter though   My brush work Is a bit less […]

Show Me Something Beautiful

Show me something beautiful And I will write about it Demanded the poet Well were do I begin The Universe replied What about the wind through the trees The song of the birds The spark of life in your eyes What about the kindness of people The feeling of a hug The sensation in your […]