The Blue Tree

A poem inspired by the painting of a friend of mine, Admire Ncube. The blue tree Welcomes me The blue tree Speaks to me The blue true Transports me I tumble into its canopy Blossoms and blue leaves All that I can see I tumble out A mind swept clean Of noise and doubt At […]

Light Forms

There are many life forms I see on my way In the shape of many animals So many in the shape Of humans to Us most curious animals Some though Go above and beyond Simply existing They truly are light forms Truly rays of sunshine Radiating a sweet glow Some people that Light up a […]

Football In Aleppo

The bombs rained The buildings crumbled Disent and chaos tumbled But the people They refused to be crushed The battles raged Fighters both human and drone On land and in air Unleashed war From it’s cage Life stopped Smothered by the dust Of dead homes and buildings But the human spirit Is difficult to crushed […]

Lessons from Yoga #2

This is basically stream of consciousness after the experience of today’s yoga with some attempt at grammar. Don’t do drugs, do yoga! Like boiling impurites from water, the deeper you go thoughts become rigid and hard and boil off, deeper still identity boils off until there just is. No forms, just awareness and presence. Surrendering […]

Wild Places

Where the wild things grow Where the dirt meets my toe This is the greatest joy I ever need know The places left behind by people The places where the wifi can’t reach These are where I find the lessons Only nature can teach When the most noise comes From a bird’s vocal throat And […]


Rest is needed Rest is a gift Rest restores But this world is restless It’s cities run all hours The news continuously propose This world’s woes It even seems fashionable To be constantly on one’s toes But rest is the way to appreciate We are truly blessed Reflecting and looking back Letting it all sink […]

Arguing With Dead Men In Books

‘Oh yes, but have you considered’ The pages having nothing to say Their author has long gone away Still we exercise our disagreement Internally vocalise our discontent These dead men in books Gone to their final earthen nooks Are silent In life their minds may have been sharp So knowledgeable as to be intellectually violent […]

I, I, I

I am the flap of the pigeon wing I am the drop of rain The sounds filling the air And the ears to hear I am a moment A collection of circumstances I am all around and within As existence sings I am I not a subjective I am an objective Another surface reflected I […]

This Crafty Old Mind

This crafty old mind It makes mountains Out of every mole hill it finds In that chaotic haze of thoughts Reality becomes buried I go blind And all the time my inner peace Is driven off Replaced with angry wild geese But this crafty old mind It ain’t so crafty I take a long look […]


Young and old gather On the shores of infinity Going to a place of mindful peace Along the road of asana, kriya and surrender David James Horn ©