The Blue Tree

A poem inspired by the painting of a friend of mine, Admire Ncube. The blue tree Welcomes me The blue tree Speaks to me The blue true Transports me I tumble into its canopy Blossoms and blue leaves All that I can see I tumble out A mind swept clean Of noise and doubt At […]

Show Me Something Beautiful

Show me something beautiful And I will write about it Demanded the poet Well were do I begin The Universe replied What about the wind through the trees The song of the birds The spark of life in your eyes What about the kindness of people The feeling of a hug The sensation in your […]

My Favourite Symphony

My Favourite Symphony There’s nothing like a good album When you want to chill The sounds The musicianship My ears can’t resist They take sip after sip My favourite album to chill to Is a symphony And it’s not bitter sweet Maybe I sound Like a bit of a hipster But I don’t mind if […]

Rain Chimes

Rain drops patter With this sweet world They natter They soothe and they chime They make a sound Simply sublime They refresh And they restore Letting the world Become beautiful Once more Simultaneously abhorred And adored Sometimes they waft to the ground While others they pour Elegantly vital Critically beautiful What they touch will change […]

The Summer Moon

The moon rises It hypnotises And shakes off It’s daytime disguises Riding upon the turning tides The warm evening air And a thousand awestuck stares Captured in grainy photos On the camera phone Our 21st century go to As it shines It’s time worn face And upon the waves Weaving patterns finer than lace This […]

Wild Places

Where the wild things grow Where the dirt meets my toe This is the greatest joy I ever need know The places left behind by people The places where the wifi can’t reach These are where I find the lessons Only nature can teach When the most noise comes From a bird’s vocal throat And […]

The Garden Friend

There is one tiny thing That makes our Forests sing On the wing Keeping our gardens In rich organic bling It’s small and humble Sometimes it may fumble But from plant to plant This great hero does tumble Although contrary to popularity It does have no knees Its that thing you see And think ‘don’t […]