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Lime Bar Moments 

The best moments Take some very special conditions They’re hard to come by But quite magnificent In their addition First and foremost You need people People full of spark People with eyes That… Continue reading

My Favourite Symphony

My Favourite Symphony There’s nothing like a good album When you want to chill The sounds The musicianship My ears can’t resist They take sip after sip My favourite album to chill to… Continue reading

This Saturday: The Cantiaci Fundraiser — Folkestone Cantiaci

This Saturday 16th July we’re hosting a fundraiser at Kipp’s Ale House in Folkestone. We’re looking forward to an evening of music and poetry shared with you. It all starts at 6pm, until 10.30pm.… Continue reading

Matthew Appleby – These Were My Roots

After several years of increasingly sought after shows, Matthew Appleby has released a long awaited E.P.  These Were My Roots captures the versatility and power which has gained Matt some dedicated fans and… Continue reading

Under The Whiskey Moon

The sun retreated from the streets As the shadows creeped A curious moon did climb It’s swagger joyfully offbeat As a warm inciting breath whirled From it’s feet This, the night of the… Continue reading

dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip – Get Better

Nice Sunday vibes, good old Scroob!

Nature’s Music

The wind on my windows The pattering of the rain Nature’s chorus Is always a beautiful refrain From the crashing of waves To the tweeting of birds Nature’s sweet symphony Is in the… Continue reading

Essa – Spirited Social Story Telling

London based rapper Essa (previously Yungun) is a man with stories to tell.  Not just stuck on love, bitches or even bling – Essa talks about things real and relevant, and interesting. Words… Continue reading

Harmonica Joe

This is the story of Harmonica Joe Living out on the streets He sat day and night Not out for illegal treats Harmonica Joe was just after Warm food clean bed sheets At… Continue reading