It’s My Birthday, Here Is A Playlist!

It’s my birthday! Here is a Spotify playlist to commemorate the event. Let’s all vibe to the same tunes just in separate places at different times. It will be like a long range silent disco. Here it is, tunes to have a party to.  It features DJ Fresh, Bob Dylan, A Tribe Called Quest, The […]

The Visible Thoughts Book Launch!

After months of preparation I am super excited to announce the launch of my first book, Visible Thoughts!! It contains the poetry I have written up to February this year and I can’t wait to share it with you! On the night there will be poetry from the wonderful Anthony White, Setareh Ebrahimi and Sharon […]

Lime Bar Moments 

The best moments Take some very special conditions They’re hard to come by But quite magnificent In their addition First and foremost You need people People full of spark People with eyes That could light up the dark And you need tools Things to be used By these merry fools As they create And they […]

My Favourite Symphony

My Favourite Symphony There’s nothing like a good album When you want to chill The sounds The musicianship My ears can’t resist They take sip after sip My favourite album to chill to Is a symphony And it’s not bitter sweet Maybe I sound Like a bit of a hipster But I don’t mind if […]

Matthew Appleby – These Were My Roots

After several years of increasingly sought after shows, Matthew Appleby has released a long awaited E.P.  These Were My Roots captures the versatility and power which has gained Matt some dedicated fans and a wave of impressed spectators, as well as seeing Matt introduce new elements to his sound.  These Were My Roots sees the […]

Under The Whiskey Moon

The sun retreated from the streets As the shadows creeped A curious moon did climb It’s swagger joyfully offbeat As a warm inciting breath whirled From it’s feet This, the night of the whiskey moon Under that whisky moon How they danced! The sounds of accordian and voice In full bloom Limbs joined And possessed […]

Nature’s Music

The wind on my windows The pattering of the rain Nature’s chorus Is always a beautiful refrain From the crashing of waves To the tweeting of birds Nature’s sweet symphony Is in the tranquil cave And the noisy herd Beauty in sound It’s messages are so simple But also So profound David James Horn ©