Light Forms

There are many life forms I see on my way In the shape of many animals So many in the shape Of humans to Us most curious animals Some though Go above and beyond Simply existing They truly are light forms Truly rays of sunshine Radiating a sweet glow Some people that Light up a […]

The Life Dialectic 

Philosophy; it doesn’t have all answers.  In fact it doesn’t have any answers.  I mean depending on our interpretation of truth what even is an answer?  An act of mental masturbation by some, an endless maze to others – philosophy’s ‘answer’ at least from my perspective is the cognitive equipment to think, see and develop […]

What Am I saying?

What Am I saying? I want to write poems I’m a poet you see But just recently I’ve found these old words Do desert me Not so much the words But what am I saying? What part of the brain Do I want to be swaying? See rhyming words is only part of it And […]


Life is the greatest poem Moment after moment It keeps the beauty flowing! Smells and sounds That shimmering sea The buzz buzz of a passing bee! My notepad looks at it Agrees with pen And they’re both like The subjects too big Fuck it we’re going Life is big! Life is the poem That’s just […]

Ladies On Buses

Yesterday he slept beside me Today I sleep alone I stare at my phone But never hear his ringtone Now I laugh Where I used to moan It hurts on the inside People don’t see through the pride My outward smile A tombstone Marking the day Part of me died David James Horn ©


He sits at the bus stop In the crisp clear morning Clutching flowers And the hope of future smiles Soon to be dawning Patience and care Are his way The things needed To win the day The delivery of his gift A moment so momentous One to change the shape of faces And cause a […]

Cosmic Smiles

Whether it’s the bejewelled night sky Or a friendly passer by This Universe Has love in it’s eyes Shining from that twinkling star Or radiating from that strangers face This is the Universe’s beauty The cosmic race One cosmic face Many expressions The Universe’s love Makes no concessions From the wildest joy to the deepest […]

Me My Valentine

It’s that day again That one which really challenges My zen I remember when I’d lament Received cards in the negative ten But since then I’ve realised This year my valentine Is me Self love is ours always Life sustaining like water More precious than all life’s riches To share love is nice But to […]


Peace and love Love and gratitude Accept no other latitude The angry and the bitter They’re just a shitter With them it’s ok to be a quiter Now what about that longitude Send it upwards On the road To soul food To deny yourself growth Is simply beyond rude Neg heads try and bring you […]