Time Will Make Memories Of Us All

Time will make memories of us all Whether you stand mighty and tall Or in moral eyes Are considered to fall What matter is it those memories So long as the living was fully done? Time will make memories of us all Some carried by history Some in our loved ones hearts Some lost in […]

Rambling Ridiculous Riddles

The loudest songs are silent The kindest words Can be the most violent The one always moving Is often the most steady The quietest soul Can have the Most to say The strongest warrior Has no weapon to lay The most determined hunter Finds nothing Nothing they Did not Already have Knowledge comes from listening […]


Life is the greatest poem Moment after moment It keeps the beauty flowing! Smells and sounds That shimmering sea The buzz buzz of a passing bee! My notepad looks at it Agrees with pen And they’re both like The subjects too big Fuck it we’re going Life is big! Life is the poem That’s just […]

I Liked That Bad Idea

I liked that bad idea The start of a journey It’s adventure enticing But unclear Steps taken joyfully And without fear I liked that bad idea Not even bad Just a path into The unsual And slightly mad Bad only because it’s not standard This uncommon root Baring it’s reinvigorating fruit So let’s go off […]

What is ‘ready’?

I’m not ready yet. I want to do it when I’m ready. I write this as someone getting ‘ready’,¬† But what is ready? When do we attain readiness? Depending on our feeling to something ready could be the pot of gold at the end of a never ending rainbow.¬† Not being ready is also an […]