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The Land of Lost Souls

In the land of lost souls We crash about And push eachother into sinkholes Rushing and searching Awkwardly lurching Pain seems the only goal But what we’re looking for We already have We… Continue reading

Eckhart Tolle – Nature’s Lesson

We have forgotten what rocks, plants and animals still know.  We have forgotten how to be – to be still, to be ourselves, to be where life is; Here and Now Eckhart Tolle


Happiness, it’s a weird one.  Something long hunted, but always found so very close to home.  Literally in us.  So simple it can seem impossible.  Indeed, the first version of this had a… Continue reading

Presence In The Present

Mindfulness is an ancient practice.  As contemporary now as it was at it’s conception.  Mindfulness has helped so many to make more of life – whether it’s a tool through depression or  just… Continue reading