Free Download!

Here is my first experiment into the world of SoundCloud! Here it is, free for you to download. It’s all about the magic of questions! The sound quality is me still getting to grips with this stuff, but I kind of like it.

If I Go, I Want To Go Dancing

That feeling That one you get As the music seeps In to your soul And your spirits Go up to the ceiling The joy felt in moving And I dare to say, grooving As sounds and motion combine And the smile on your face Cannot hide the way You feel sublime Whether it’s a solo […]

Window Seat

Sitting at my window There is a lot to see Comforted by coffee Free from the bright prison Of TV It is a moment to simply be I see the business man Rushing to work I see the school children Unknowingly reflecting on the the world I see young families Energetic kids, parents dreaming of […]

Show Me Something Beautiful

Show me something beautiful And I will write about it Demanded the poet Well were do I begin The Universe replied What about the wind through the trees The song of the birds The spark of life in your eyes What about the kindness of people The feeling of a hug The sensation in your […]

Football In Aleppo

The bombs rained The buildings crumbled Disent and chaos tumbled But the people They refused to be crushed The battles raged Fighters both human and drone On land and in air Unleashed war From it’s cage Life stopped Smothered by the dust Of dead homes and buildings But the human spirit Is difficult to crushed […]

Waiting To Be Saved

This is a poem I wrote sometime ago, which has since been illustrated by Hannah Goff. Artwork copyright to Hannah Goff, HKG ¬©  Waiting to be saved Waiting to be loved Waiting from above To be in the Right direction shoved Always waiting Always hoping For the answers Like a man in the dark Desperately […]

A Licence To Live

This poem is based on a prison licence, a document with terms and conditions that people sign on release from prison. On this day The day of your birth You have been released You’re licence period extends From now until the moment You become deceased You have one condition, to live One directive To transform […]

Time Will Make Memories Of Us All

Time will make memories of us all Whether you stand mighty and tall Or in moral eyes Are considered to fall What matter is it those memories So long as the living was fully done? Time will make memories of us all Some carried by history Some in our loved ones hearts Some lost in […]