Window Seat

Sitting at my window There is a lot to see Comforted by coffee Free from the bright prison Of TV It is a moment to simply be I see the business man Rushing to work I see the school children Unknowingly reflecting on the the world I see young families Energetic kids, parents dreaming of […]

A Licence To Live

This poem is based on a prison licence, a document with terms and conditions that people sign on release from prison. On this day The day of your birth You have been released You’re licence period extends From now until the moment You become deceased You have one condition, to live One directive To transform […]


Happiness, it’s a weird one.  Something long hunted, but always found so very close to home.  Literally in us.  So simple it can seem impossible.  Indeed, the first version of this had a dark existential crisis vibe. What has changed?  Well for one thing I’m happy but perhaps the why is more important.  Doing what […]


He sits at the bus stop In the crisp clear morning Clutching flowers And the hope of future smiles Soon to be dawning Patience and care Are his way The things needed To win the day The delivery of his gift A moment so momentous One to change the shape of faces And cause a […]

Part Of Something Bigger

We’re all one and the same Candles lit by the same flame Lots of lights Making one shining dawn Lots of voices Adding to one Big beautiful refrain The music of life It’s all about those harmonies Feeding in Creating That big energy You see you’re you And I’m me But we’re best together Not […]

This Crafty Old Mind

This crafty old mind It makes mountains Out of every mole hill it finds In that chaotic haze of thoughts Reality becomes buried I go blind And all the time my inner peace Is driven off Replaced with angry wild geese But this crafty old mind It ain’t so crafty I take a long look […]

I Liked That Bad Idea

I liked that bad idea The start of a journey It’s adventure enticing But unclear Steps taken joyfully And without fear I liked that bad idea Not even bad Just a path into The unsual And slightly mad Bad only because it’s not standard This uncommon root Baring it’s reinvigorating fruit So let’s go off […]

Create Yourself

Create yourself Tune your frequency Choose the instruments Select the sounds And let them resound Pick the colours Sculpt the frame Eye the tigers You’re going to tame Be you right to your fibres A creative force You and this Universe Are one Not divorced The onlooker and the observed Be yourself Be sure Be […]