Tumble Stones

The joy of pebbles in streams down beaches. You know tumble stones Are often the more beautiful of gems More perfect More precious They don’t start that way though Buried in the earth They have such potential But questionable worth It takes time Tumbling through times stream To get that perfection That gleam A good […]

Planting Seeds

A mighty jungle An ancient forest That fruitful Orchard All of these things we need Be it air, beauty or to feed And all start With just a seed But seeds aren’t just future plants Seeds are starting points Thoughts and emotions Challenging fears and forming ideas Thinking over and acting on The gate way […]

Cracking The Shell

Big things in small packages The mantra of the nut The future tree Big leafy bouroughs Atop a big trunk that skyward shoots With wide deep roots But stuck in that nut All these dreams Became corrupt Just a crack in the shell Is all the nut needs To break this trapping spell A chance […]

Part Of Something Bigger

We’re all one and the same Candles lit by the same flame Lots of lights Making one shining dawn Lots of voices Adding to one Big beautiful refrain The music of life It’s all about those harmonies Feeding in Creating That big energy You see you’re you And I’m me But we’re best together Not […]

Lessons from Yoga #1

I like yoga, the heritage, the mindset and the goals.  I like the method to; creating self development, that deep sense of relaxation and the physical sensations in the body. All of that though doesn’t make me technically that good at it.  This is perhaps why I like it the most – it makes you […]

Create Yourself

Create yourself Tune your frequency Choose the instruments Select the sounds And let them resound Pick the colours Sculpt the frame Eye the tigers You’re going to tame Be you right to your fibres A creative force You and this Universe Are one Not divorced The onlooker and the observed Be yourself Be sure Be […]

‘Cos You Gotta Have Faith…

Faith.  It’s important, but its not a religious word.  So often the connotations lead to religion but faith is yours.  It applies to everything. Most importantly it applies to self, faith in ourselves being such a fundamental thing.  Its upto you though where you put it and what you do with it, an investment made […]


I see the way The progress to be made For a second Glimpses of me Being as full as I can be My current self Reflected In the forthcoming sea The distance is far Beyond the means Of any train, plane or car But the vastness Does not haunt me Its presence glimpsed Guides me […]