Thank You!

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone that was part of the launch night for Visible Thoughts! Thank you Anthony White, Faith Warn, Sharon McCarron and Seterah Ebrahimi for wonderful, powerful and diverse poetry. Thank you Lucy Lungley and Ben Milberry for a beautiful debut performance as an official acoustic outfit, […]

Those That Have Gone Before

I thank those that have gone before Those who sketched the path Those who in body Are here no more Gratefully I stand on your shoulders I observe your footprints Absorb your lessons Feeling an infinite blessing You lit the fires Showed the way Enabled the fulfilment Of soul desires Who could fail To be […]


Peace and love Love and gratitude Accept no other latitude The angry and the bitter They’re just a shitter With them it’s ok to be a quiter Now what about that longitude Send it upwards On the road To soul food To deny yourself growth Is simply beyond rude Neg heads try and bring you […]

The Om Song

Om The Universal song That creative chord Resonating forever On and on The seed The base The substance Of this face This cosmic existential mead Permeating everything The scope of its beauty Is reason to loudly sing Beyond pride however It subtley endeavours This sound, energy, this frequency In its gifts It delivers the ultimate […]