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If I Go, I Want To Go Dancing

That feeling That one you get As the music seeps In to your soul And your spirits Go up to the ceiling The joy felt in moving And I dare to say, grooving… Continue reading

Ladies On Buses

Yesterday he slept beside me Today I sleep alone I stare at my phone But never hear his ringtone Now I laugh Where I used to moan It hurts on the inside People… Continue reading

Who Wants To Live Forever?

Originally posted on Lawrence of Canadia:
Freddie Mercury circa 1978 In the May 2013 edition of National Geographic I read a very interesting article by Stephen S. Hall about how genes may hold…

Death’s Transitory Gift

The third aspect of the tragic triad concerns death. ¬†But it concerns life as well, for at any time each of the moments of which life consists is dying, and that moment will… Continue reading