Window Seat

Sitting at my window There is a lot to see Comforted by coffee Free from the bright prison Of TV It is a moment to simply be I see the business man Rushing to work I see the school children Unknowingly reflecting on the the world I see young families Energetic kids, parents dreaming of […]

What Am I saying?

What Am I saying? I want to write poems I’m a poet you see But just recently I’ve found these old words Do desert me Not so much the words But what am I saying? What part of the brain Do I want to be swaying? See rhyming words is only part of it And […]

The Price Of Coffee

It’s been a day! Working hard for my pay I need a coffee Thats what I say That stuff is expensive though Keeps going up I’m looking from my bubble And how they charge so much I can’t imagine I give up Looking from my bubble I just can’t see The global conflict Global farming […]

Contact High

The joy of chance meetings in coffee shops. Contact high I’ve taken a hit And my mind Is flying to the sky Human interaction In the form of good conversation Surely no other high Brings such satisfaction Cut with depth and knowledge Similarity and stimulation The place the mind goes Is simply pure elation Thoughts […]

Coffee For Two

Coffee for two Sometimes there is nothing else That will do Warm lights and background music The perfect atmosphere They do infuse in to it The meeting of minds As thoughts And ideas entwine Over those steaming drinks All manner of things Do the minds think A place for the best and biggest ideas Discussion […]