Show Me Something Beautiful

Show me something beautiful And I will write about it Demanded the poet Well were do I begin The Universe replied What about the wind through the trees The song of the birds The spark of life in your eyes What about the kindness of people The feeling of a hug The sensation in your […]

Rain Chimes

Rain drops patter With this sweet world They natter They soothe and they chime They make a sound Simply sublime They refresh And they restore Letting the world Become beautiful Once more Simultaneously abhorred And adored Sometimes they waft to the ground While others they pour Elegantly vital Critically beautiful What they touch will change […]

Some Automatic Writing

I was reading about Plato’s view on beauty and aesthetics and felt inspired to write this.  It basically happened to my brain more than it was a consious act of writing. To use the eyes that see the beauty and joy already present to paint the present beauty as the artist does into a way […]


Life is the greatest poem Moment after moment It keeps the beauty flowing! Smells and sounds That shimmering sea The buzz buzz of a passing bee! My notepad looks at it Agrees with pen And they’re both like The subjects too big Fuck it we’re going Life is big! Life is the poem That’s just […]

Nature’s Music

The wind on my windows The pattering of the rain Nature’s chorus Is always a beautiful refrain From the crashing of waves To the tweeting of birds Nature’s sweet symphony Is in the tranquil cave And the noisy herd Beauty in sound It’s messages are so simple But also So profound David James Horn ©