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Forgotten Spaces

Another poem in English, translated to French, and translated back.¬† Original English Steps no longer Able to be stepped on Trees behind tall walls Eminating a birds song Dusty rooms who’s Stillness is… Continue reading

Mental Landscapes

Occasionally I draw ….

Getting Lost

In getting lost you found so many things, but you are never as lost as you think David James Horn

The Heroic Two

Gales and storms roar Tremendous torrents pour The intrepid pair Go where others do not dare The adults though They simply stare Can they not see? Whats going on behind the air Such… Continue reading

What is ‘ready’?

I’m not ready yet. I want to do it when I’m ready. I write this as someone getting ‘ready’,¬† But what is ready? When do we attain readiness? Depending on our feeling to… Continue reading