Heartbeat I wander Along on My feet Blinded by Noise and Life’s heat Never lost I am Faithfully guided By my Dear heartbeat Love’s repeat My sustenance My friend My compass Drawing me… Continue reading

Those Ships They Sail In The Morning

Those ships they sail in the morning Laden and rigged they wait For the sun and the new day To be dawning The journey to freedom Their mandate Those ships they sail in… Continue reading

Some Automatic Writing

I was reading about Plato’s view on beauty and aesthetics and felt inspired to write this.  It basically happened to my brain more than it was a consious act of writing. To use… Continue reading


Rest is needed Rest is a gift Rest restores But this world is restless It’s cities run all hours The news continuously propose This world’s woes It even seems fashionable To be constantly… Continue reading


Life is the greatest poem Moment after moment It keeps the beauty flowing! Smells and sounds That shimmering sea The buzz buzz of a passing bee! My notepad looks at it Agrees with… Continue reading

Arguing With Dead Men In Books

‘Oh yes, but have you considered’ The pages having nothing to say Their author has long gone away Still we exercise our disagreement Internally vocalise our discontent These dead men in books Gone… Continue reading

Stand Down, Dear One

The wars are over The battles done But this little soldier Is always prepared For one last run You say the word and he’s there But the old foes Who brought such woes… Continue reading

Planting Seeds

A mighty jungle An ancient forest That fruitful Orchard All of these things we need Be it air, beauty or to feed And all start With just a seed But seeds aren’t just… Continue reading

Bob Dylan – Growth and Success

Ah, but I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now. What’s money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night… Continue reading

An Angry Poem

Oh wait look over there! Whats this latest bomb scare?! While you’re not looking Busy panicking Lets sneak these laws in You won’t notice We’ll keep it on the hush Sell of the… Continue reading