Long Minutes

Poem, Time, Minutes, Long Minutes, Universe, Beauty, Moments

Rain Chimes

Rain drops patter With this sweet world They natter They soothe and they chime They make a sound Simply sublime They refresh And they restore Letting the world Become beautiful Once more Simultaneously… Continue reading

Time Will Make Memories Of Us All

Time will make memories of us all Whether you stand mighty and tall Or in moral eyes Are considered to fall What matter is it those memories So long as the living was… Continue reading

Lessons from Yoga #2

This is basically stream of consciousness after the experience of today’s yoga with some attempt at grammar. Don’t do drugs, do yoga! Like boiling impurites from water, the deeper you go thoughts become… Continue reading

Atlas Of Folkestone

What is a world? The Greeks had Atlas Carrying their ground and sky Give me a telescope And I can see many more If I try But worlds can be subtle Maybe not… Continue reading

Wet Winter Days

Sounds reach my ears And beyond the steam Rising from my cup I see The clouds shed Their life giving tears The gutters are transformed Into flowing rivers By islands if moss adorned… Continue reading

Welcome Back My Dear Friend

My dear friend I have missed you In times of trouble I have wished for you Whilst all the time So glad for this Opportunity of bliss for you It makes me happy… Continue reading

Rambling Ridiculous Riddles

The loudest songs are silent The kindest words Can be the most violent The one always moving Is often the most steady The quietest soul Can have the Most to say The strongest… Continue reading

Hello Monday

Monday morning We meet again There are New lines on my face But you Always seem The same Dave James Horn ©

Dust Galaxies

Dust galaxies hang In the air Almost invisible But when touched By the sun So definitely there Floating and suspended Their complexity So beautiful But unintended So still And tranquil Their exploration impossible… Continue reading