The Visible Thoughts Book Launch!

After months of preparation I am super excited to announce the launch of my first book, Visible Thoughts!! It contains the poetry I have written up to February this year and I can’t wait to share it with you! On the night there will be poetry from the wonderful Anthony White, Setareh Ebrahimi and Sharon […]

Exciting Events August 2017

It’s almost August! And that’s great for so many reasons! Here are just a few. Every Sunday 2-5 at the Lime Bar Café in Folkestone there is the open mic! The only Sunday it’s not on is the 13th.  Come read poetry, sing, play, tell stories or comedy.  Surprise us! On Friday 11th, Saturday 12th […]

Stage At Pitch Festival!

I am very excited to announce myself with Poet’s Corner friends Faith Warn and Anthony will be running an spoken word open stage at Pitch Festival!!! The festival will be running from August 11th until 13th and will see a whole world of delights.  There will theatre, music, DJ sets, delicous food, workshops and all […]

The Coded Life 2: Language

But it doesn’t end there For even when DNA Has decided the colour Of your hair We have to learn all these symbols At which we are made to stop and stare We have to learn language Individual letters, whole words Sentences, grammar And then how to say them If we want them To be […]

The Book Is Ready To Go To Print!

I am very very, very, excited to announce I am receipt of the final version of Visible Thoughts!! I can’t wait to send it off in the next few days to Amazon and a printer of real life books! This has been going since February and I can’t wait to invite you all to the […]

Codes part 1: Origins

This follows on from The Coded Life and is the first part of musings and wonderings about our coded lives.  We are subject to codes Before we even exist Before even our parents Exchanged fluids and kissed A social code informs The circumstances of our birth Our name, our conditions The places we can and […]

Inner Peace

It’s funny, the things that come to you as you sit there just staring at the trees. The quest for inner peace is a foolish one, when it was already within to begin with. To go externally is a search that will take you across the whole universe and not find what you are looking […]