The Life Dialectic 

Philosophy; it doesn’t have all answers.  In fact it doesn’t have any answers.  I mean depending on our interpretation of truth what even is an answer?  An act of mental masturbation by some,… Continue reading

The Summer Moon

The moon rises It hypnotises And shakes off It’s daytime disguises Riding upon the turning tides The warm evening air And a thousand awestuck stares Captured in grainy photos On the camera phone… Continue reading

Tumble Stones

The joy of pebbles in streams down beaches. You know tumble stones Are often the more beautiful of gems More perfect More precious They don’t start that way though Buried in the earth… Continue reading

This Saturday: The Cantiaci Fundraiser — Folkestone Cantiaci

This Saturday 16th July we’re hosting a fundraiser at Kipp’s Ale House in Folkestone. We’re looking forward to an evening of music and poetry shared with you. It all starts at 6pm, until 10.30pm.… Continue reading

The Land of Lost Souls

In the land of lost souls We crash about And push eachother into sinkholes Rushing and searching Awkwardly lurching Pain seems the only goal But what we’re looking for We already have We… Continue reading

Wild Places

Where the wild things grow Where the dirt meets my toe This is the greatest joy I ever need know The places left behind by people The places where the wifi can’t reach… Continue reading

Short Bits

A few short poems that might become bigger things, or maybe four lines is their lot. This mind This lense That drives you Around the bend I ask you a question Why are… Continue reading

Community – Metaphorical Compost

Originally posted on Folkestone Cantiaci:
Sticking with the theme of Monday’s post my column this week is a poem on that old compost again.  Not left over fruit and veg though, this compost…

What Am I saying?

What Am I saying? I want to write poems I’m a poet you see But just recently I’ve found these old words Do desert me Not so much the words But what am… Continue reading

Matthew Appleby – These Were My Roots

After several years of increasingly sought after shows, Matthew Appleby has released a long awaited E.P.  These Were My Roots captures the versatility and power which has gained Matt some dedicated fans and… Continue reading