Visible Thoughts Launch Live Album

Happy Friday! I hope you are all fantastic! For your listening pleasure I have turned the amazing videos captured by Lucy Lungley and Billy Counter into a live album! Listen to it on SoundCloud or download it for free!  To download it click SoundCloud in the widget and click on each track in the album. […]


With a splash That leaf laden infuser Sinks down With a clink As more and more colours Seep out with each blink Under a haze of rising steam That water becomes something Truly supreme It turns onto tea To quote Aristotle on virtue It is the best path to take, truly the mean And I […]

Videos From The Book Launch

I would like to thank Billy Counter and Lucy Lungley for filming my set at the launch for my book Visible Thoughts! I braved hearing my own voice and picked a few to put on YouTube.  Here are a few of my favourites. Here is the Spotify playlist from the night as well, a little […]

The Inter-Dimensional Bench

I had the best time performing with Tiff from Central Saint Martins University as part of Folkestone Triennial 2017! Tiff has created a bench reflecting nature and society, Japanese and Western culture. To quote Tiff, ‘I love you f*&King bench!’ There are many benches Many odes and memorials But none like this one As if […]

Thank You!

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone that was part of the launch night for Visible Thoughts! Thank you Anthony White, Faith Warn, Sharon McCarron and Seterah Ebrahimi for wonderful, powerful and diverse poetry. Thank you Lucy Lungley and Ben Milberry for a beautiful debut performance as an official acoustic outfit, […]

Light Forms

There are many life forms I see on my way In the shape of many animals So many in the shape Of humans to Us most curious animals Some though Go above and beyond Simply existing They truly are light forms Truly rays of sunshine Radiating a sweet glow Some people that Light up a […]

Margate Bookie Podcasts

Originally posted on And So She Thinks:
A busy weekend of chatting with writers, authors, journalists and publishers at Margate Bookie Festival. Here’s the link to the podcasts – take a listen to Norah Perkins, Simon Medhurst, Adrian Cross, Elspeth Penfold, Julia Riddough, Anna Mazzola, Sam Gayton, Ros Anderson, Sophia Tobin, MJ McGrath, Hannah Fairbairn, Nigel…

Climbing Frames For Spiders

Pitch Festival last week really showed the joy of festivals! How has it been a week? Perched upon hay bales Circling a fire Nestled on the grass Staring at one on stage Singing their hearts desire The people congregated All acting as climbing frames For a wealth of spiders But people also opened their eyes […]