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Jimi Hendrix: Knowledge And Wisdom

​Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. – Jimi Hendrix 

Football In Aleppo

The bombs rained The buildings crumbled Disent and chaos tumbled But the people They refused to be crushed The battles raged Fighters both human and drone On land and in air Unleashed war… Continue reading

My Favourite Symphony

My Favourite Symphony There’s nothing like a good album When you want to chill The sounds The musicianship My ears can’t resist They take sip after sip My favourite album to chill to… Continue reading

Waiting To Be Saved

This is a poem I wrote sometime ago, which has since been illustrated by Hannah Goff. Artwork copyright to Hannah Goff, HKG ©  Waiting to be saved Waiting to be loved Waiting from… Continue reading

A Licence To Live

This poem is based on a prison licence, a document with terms and conditions that people sign on release from prison. On this day The day of your birth You have been released… Continue reading

Treasure Hunting

I went on Google Maps Looking for my treasure I got up in the loft Looking for my treasure Didn’t find a thing though Just a few amusing photos And one big old… Continue reading

A Poem Three Ways  

I like how through the translation the words have a life if their own.

Long Minutes

Poem, Time, Minutes, Long Minutes, Universe, Beauty, Moments

Rain Chimes

Rain drops patter With this sweet world They natter They soothe and they chime They make a sound Simply sublime They refresh And they restore Letting the world Become beautiful Once more Simultaneously… Continue reading