The Om Song

Om The Universal song That creative chord Resonating forever On and on The seed The base The substance Of this face This cosmic existential mead Permeating everything The scope of its beauty Is reason to loudly sing Beyond pride however It subtley endeavours This sound, energy, this frequency In its gifts It delivers the ultimate […]

Dear Poet,

Originally posted on Sanghamitra's Blog:
Another silent night No sign of sleep In the vigil of soliloquy Thinker, think. Let your mind roam afar Travel among the stars. Scattered thoughts, Pick them up, Ink ’em deep Into a penned verse. ‘Tis a world Of dreams you’ve dreamt Or demons inside your brain Or maybe…

Essa – Spirited Social Story Telling

London based rapper Essa (previously Yungun) is a man with stories to tell.  Not just stuck on love, bitches or even bling – Essa talks about things real and relevant, and interesting. Words from the heart, Essa and his album The Misadventures of a Middle Man is as good musically as its is for the […]


Coming over the hill And out the mist To the sight of a sunrise That ascending orb That leaves all before it sun-kissed Illuminating the dark With the Universe’s spark Those rays touch the physical And the subtle A smile just one of the infinite marks Captivating and invigorating Fascinating and sating Peace and possibilities […]

Scroobius Pip – An Inspiration

Scroobius Pip with or without Dan Le Sac, is an inspiration to me. He inspires through his outlook, his ethics, his approach, his words and his delivery! The way Scroobius Pip turns and builds raw words into images, emotions and stories is amazing. He can be insightful and deep whilst having an air of lightness […]

Harmonica Joe

This is the story of Harmonica Joe Living out on the streets He sat day and night Not out for illegal treats Harmonica Joe was just after Warm food clean bed sheets At this point though He was just called Joe He had no harmonica in tow And then one day fortune did bestow A […]