The Swan

The swan on the lake Looked up with heart ache The other birds flew And regardless of his wings The water was all he knew Could he fly? Was the air safe? What if he were to die? Heavy were his fears Many were his tears But the lake wasn’t enough Seasons change And life […]

Sense of Self

Where does our sense of self come from? Is it from the clothes we wear? The music we like? The things we hate? Or how many likes we get on Facebook? Relating to outside world is one way to build a sense of self.  These ready made identities for us to fill, parts in scripts […]

Time For Tea

The kettle boils Signalling the end Of recent toils Time for tea! A dear one calls And from all around they descend Just one cup of tea Is the source of such glee! A time to rest and share Make it herbal And it’s even healthy Hearts, minds and bodies on the mend That is […]


Peace and love Love and gratitude Accept no other latitude The angry and the bitter They’re just a shitter With them it’s ok to be a quiter Now what about that longitude Send it upwards On the road To soul food To deny yourself growth Is simply beyond rude Neg heads try and bring you […]

Douglas Adams – Substance and Style

Douglas Adams is a literary hero of mine. He presents very real realities and observations in delightfully sureal and relevant ways. Metaphors, similes and imagery paint stories that tickle and stimulate the mind and just give it something to chew on. His approach and his effortlessness are a big inspiration, satirising every day life and […]

The Two Hoody Blues

Wearing two hoodies That winters crept in And my heatings packed up I call that a lose I got the two hoody blues See my breath in the kitchen Frozen in the toilet Nature’s calls I wish I could refuse In the living room electric heaters blare And still its cold in there I got […]