Peace and love Love and gratitude Accept no other latitude The angry and the bitter They’re just a shitter With them it’s ok to be a quiter Now what about that longitude Send… Continue reading

Douglas Adams – Substance and Style

Douglas Adams is a literary hero of mine. He presents very real realities and observations in delightfully sureal and relevant ways. Metaphors, similes and imagery paint stories that tickle and stimulate the mind… Continue reading

The Two Hoody Blues

Wearing two hoodies That winters crept in And my heatings packed up I call that a lose I got the two hoody blues See my breath in the kitchen Frozen in the toilet… Continue reading

Rumi – Be True To Yourself

I speak and he commands, ‘be silent!’ I am silent and he shouts, ‘speak!’ I am excited and he commands, ‘calm down!’ I am composed and he shouts, ‘You are not mad enough!’… Continue reading

The Om Song

Om The Universal song That creative chord Resonating forever On and on The seed The base The substance Of this face This cosmic existential mead Permeating everything The scope of its beauty Is… Continue reading

Dear Poet,

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Another silent night No sign of sleep In the vigil of soliloquy Thinker, think. Let your mind roam afar Travel among the stars. Scattered thoughts, Pick them…

Essa – Spirited Social Story Telling

London based rapper Essa (previously Yungun) is a man with stories to tell.¬† Not just stuck on love, bitches or even bling – Essa talks about things real and relevant, and interesting. Words… Continue reading


Coming over the hill And out the mist To the sight of a sunrise That ascending orb That leaves all before it sun-kissed Illuminating the dark With the Universe’s spark Those rays touch… Continue reading

Carl Rogers – People Are Like Sunsets

People are just as wonderful as sunsets if you let them be. When I look at a sunset, I don’t find myself saying, “Soften the orange a bit on the right hand corner.”… Continue reading

Guidance Needed

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Every so often, we come across people who seem strange to us, yet so familiar. And these people leave a great impact on our lives.