Those That Have Gone Before

I thank those that have gone before Those who sketched the path Those who in body Are here no more Gratefully I stand on your shoulders I observe your footprints Absorb your lessons Feeling an infinite blessing You lit the fires Showed the way Enabled the fulfilment Of soul desires Who could fail To be […]

What is ‘ready’?

I’m not ready yet. I want to do it when I’m ready. I write this as someone getting ‘ready’,  But what is ready? When do we attain readiness? Depending on our feeling to something ready could be the pot of gold at the end of a never ending rainbow.  Not being ready is also an […]

Time’s Masterpiece

The art of time Is painted with brushes Of patience and finesse The canvas is life Layered with time’s depth And time’s growth The art of time Is life’s foundation Stretching further than equations And from this foundation Comes life’s joy and fascination The base of our unique explorations Time taken in The masterpiece Of […]

Death’s Transitory Gift

The third aspect of the tragic triad concerns death.  But it concerns life as well, for at any time each of the moments of which life consists is dying, and that moment will never recur.  And yet is not this transitoriness a reminder that challenges us to make the best possible use of each moment […]


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O captain, my captain O where have you gone The life you’ve forsaken Has seen it’s last dawn The laughs you created Ways to hide away your pain The pain so deeply gnawing Relief you found in vain I’m sorry no one was there to help No one to cry by…

Coffee For Two

Coffee for two Sometimes there is nothing else That will do Warm lights and background music The perfect atmosphere They do infuse in to it The meeting of minds As thoughts And ideas entwine Over those steaming drinks All manner of things Do the minds think A place for the best and biggest ideas Discussion […]

Existential Musings #1: Tension

I’m very interested in spirituality, physics and philosophy.  The more I read on the above subjects separately the less differences I see.  This could be ridiculous or make some kind of sense, although both terms are highly subjective.   This is just an interactive online blackboard to play with ideas and articulate thoughts into some […]

It’s Ok To Be Cold

A letter to my younger self You were one tough cookie Unassailably happy With skin thicker than a wookie Except I know thats not true You took the shit With determination and grit But still I feel what it did to you No one ever knew You gave people only good news And shorts all […]