Coffee For Two

Coffee for two Sometimes there is nothing else That will do Warm lights and background music The perfect atmosphere They do infuse in to it The meeting of minds As thoughts And ideas… Continue reading

Existential Musings #1: Tension

I’m very interested in spirituality, physics and philosophy.  The more I read on the above subjects separately the less differences I see.  This could be ridiculous or make some kind of sense, although… Continue reading

It’s Ok To Be Cold

A letter to my younger self You were one tough cookie Unassailably happy With skin thicker than a wookie Except I know thats not true You took the shit With determination and grit… Continue reading

Be Your Higher Self

‘Stop doing what you want so you can start doing what you like’ Swami mentioned by Paramahansa Yogananda in Autobiography of a Yogi

How To Change A World That’s Always Changing

I agree with your idea of true change, I wish this was how my employer considered change. At our roots we are social beings, helping eachother – not the individualistic approach to life… Continue reading

The Swan

The swan on the lake Looked up with heart ache The other birds flew And regardless of his wings The water was all he knew Could he fly? Was the air safe? What… Continue reading

Sense of Self

Where does our sense of self come from? Is it from the clothes we wear? The music we like? The things we hate? Or how many likes we get on Facebook? Relating to… Continue reading

Time For Tea

The kettle boils Signalling the end Of recent toils Time for tea! A dear one calls And from all around they descend Just one cup of tea Is the source of such glee!… Continue reading

Your Philosophy

Spread the roots of your philosophy and learning deep. Become steadfast, self-trusting and strong. Spread the branches of your life wide to feed the roots of others. David James Horn ©

The Beauty of Mindfulness – by Milan Bakrania

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:
When was the last time you gave your brain a rest? Can you remember a time when you were not regretting the past or worrying about the future,…