Lessons from Yoga #1

I like yoga, the heritage, the mindset and the goals.  I like the method to; creating self development, that deep sense of relaxation and the physical sensations in the body. All of that… Continue reading

I Liked That Bad Idea

I liked that bad idea The start of a journey It’s adventure enticing But unclear Steps taken joyfully And without fear I liked that bad idea Not even bad Just a path into… Continue reading

Big Bang Kiss by Lora Zombie

There’s just something captivating about this! David James Horn


Young and old gather On the shores of infinity Going to a place of mindful peace Along the road of asana, kriya and surrender David James Horn ©  

Getting Lost

In getting lost you found so many things, but you are never as lost as you think David James Horn

Aristotle – An Educated Mind And The Measures Of Living

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. We live in deeds, not years; in thoughts, not breaths; in feelings, not in figures… Continue reading

The Kindest Cup

Originally posted on Diary of a Northern Teaist:
We sat there, The only sounds, The hiss of the kettle, The crack and moan, Of an old wooden house, The push and pull of…

Create Yourself

Create yourself Tune your frequency Choose the instruments Select the sounds And let them resound Pick the colours Sculpt the frame Eye the tigers You’re going to tame Be you right to your… Continue reading

‘Cos You Gotta Have Faith…

Faith.  It’s important, but its not a religious word.  So often the connotations lead to religion but faith is yours.  It applies to everything. Most importantly it applies to self, faith in ourselves… Continue reading

The Heroic Two

Gales and storms roar Tremendous torrents pour The intrepid pair Go where others do not dare The adults though They simply stare Can they not see? Whats going on behind the air Such… Continue reading