He sits at the bus stop In the crisp clear morning Clutching flowers And the hope of future smiles Soon to be dawning Patience and care Are his way The things needed To win the day The delivery of his gift A moment so momentous One to change the shape of faces And cause a […]

Cosmic Smiles

Whether it’s the bejewelled night sky Or a friendly passer by This Universe Has love in it’s eyes Shining from that twinkling star Or radiating from that strangers face This is the Universe’s beauty The cosmic race One cosmic face Many expressions The Universe’s love Makes no concessions From the wildest joy to the deepest […]

The Jungle Burns Tonight

They call it a jungle I call it a home I travelled here from A land By your violence overthrown From the dust We thrust Shelter, schools A church All without help from your crust We made a community But we are demonised And for the second time My home was destroyed As fires filled […]

Self acceptance

Originally posted on Happy days of life:
The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself. -Mark Twain My self acceptance was when I was 14. It came a hard way. That time my though was if u can’t love yourself why would anyone love you. Which forced me to love myself the way…

Part Of Something Bigger

We’re all one and the same Candles lit by the same flame Lots of lights Making one shining dawn Lots of voices Adding to one Big beautiful refrain The music of life It’s all about those harmonies Feeding in Creating That big energy You see you’re you And I’m me But we’re best together Not […]

Selfless To A Fault

Selfless to a fault.  One thing is true, too be eternally selfless may lead to a fault. Helping others requires that we help ourselves. To give, there must be something to give.  But to forever give and never replenish, and eventually there is nothing left to give.  At the point where there is nothing left […]

The Price Of Coffee

It’s been a day! Working hard for my pay I need a coffee Thats what I say That stuff is expensive though Keeps going up I’m looking from my bubble And how they charge so much I can’t imagine I give up Looking from my bubble I just can’t see The global conflict Global farming […]