The Visible Thoughts Vlog – The Erasmus+ Edition

I am just back from an amazing Erasmus+ trip to Georgia! Organised by Millennium Georgia and Bauhaus Café CIC.

A ten day workshop, it focused on the tools to turn creativity into careers, featuring seven countries! Erasmus+ fund amazing projects and are so worth getting involved with! Here is a vlog about the whole experience featuring some amazingly talented people!

Poems + Moving Images

It is the week of the video, here are  two videos recorded recently. The first was recorded by the wonderful Buckle Up Films. It was filmed at The Woodshed Gallery and written about one of the works in their latest exhibition. The poem I creared was called Reflections on a Vase and written about a vase created by Laura Froude. I was honoured to be part of the exhibion in this way.

The second was filmed at the Stag Coffee open mic when I was honoured to be joined by Russ Davey on saxophone. A dream come true! It shows the joy of open mics and experimenting!

Visible Thoughts Vlog #9: Dead Wood

This is the second video from In Bloom.

I would never have chosen this but as I looked for poems I might read, the surrounding environment itself selected the poem when a leaf fell and landed on it. It felt right so I went with it. It’s a poem about a breakdown and the following recovery.

Watch the other half of In Bloom, Dawn Blossom, here.

Dawn Blossom

Here is the latest video/vlog on my YouTube channel, Dawn Blossom, which also features on on an impromtu EP called Bloom. In other news I can’t wait to put a call out for poets at Pitch Festival 2018!! We are just finalising a few things.

Back to the EP, listen and download it at the bottom. This is an impromtu EP recorded in the South Downs around Folkestone, Kent. Dead Wood is based on a breakdown and experience of recovery, a poem that I could only write four years after the event. Dawn Blossom is newer and inspired by a particualry moving yoga session. Recorded on a SLR camera, the recording has aimed to capture the ambient sounds of the location which include birdsong, inevitable traffic and the odd bit of wind interference.

The idea to read them was even based on the environment. Aware that the sounds and place were so beautiful, I looked for relevant poems I might record. Scrolling though, a leaf fell from the trees above onto Dead Wood – selecting a poem I would never normally consider but still setting the tone of the recording session.

They are one side of my writing and may feature in my second book, to be released later in the year! Exciting times!


The Visible Thoughts Vlog: #7 and #6

Here is the next episode of the vlog. Please comment, like and share these vlogs and anything else, if you would like to. Oxygen is a celebration of breathing and the simple joy of it all. It is filmed in the grounds of St Eanswythe Church in Folkestone, Kent. It is also an attempt to over come the awkward feeling that comes with filming outside haha. Read the written version of Oxygen here.

And here is episode six complete with terrible framing! We live and we learn… This one is about the power we all have and the goodness we can achieve through little actions. The Rain Never Came is an old poem I was inspired to read for this due to the day that had been.



The Visible Thoughts Vlog 5: D.a.n.c.e

More ramblings and poems. This week it is a poem about dancing and the inter-connectedness of all things (and the amazing series Dirk Gently). More than this though it is about how it just takes the effort and intention that is making the first step. The rest unfolds as it should because of us intentionally and a little positive chance doesn’t hurt either, but it just takes that first step! Here is the original in written form 🙂 I hope you like it! Like, comment and share 🙂

Visible Thoughts Vlog #4: Tommy

Here is my latest vlog, filmed at the open stage I run at the Lime Bar Cafe, Folkestone. It is about homelessness and the fact everyone has a story. Is too easy to look and make a judgement when we can never know what has led someone to their circumstance. The written version is here.

Hope you like it!

Thanks for watching 🙂

The Visible Thoughts Vlog #3: The View From The Hill

Here is the next episode of the vlog, I am getting into this and I hope you like it to. This is a celebration of Folkestone and home.  Whether the day has been good or bad, tomorrow is a new one and there is beauty in the world.

Like, share and comment. Here is the original poem in written form.  I hope you like it!

The Visible Thoughts Vlog #1 – A Different Way Of Seeing

I have started a little vlog, I’m not sure what it will be yet but I feel like it will be a poem and the inspiration for it or thoughts about it.

Who can tell?  Hopefully me eventually.  Anyway I hope you like it!  This weeks is around the poem I published recently, A Different Way Of Seeing and I ramble about creativity for a bit.