It’s time for Pitch Festival 2018!

Today it all kicks off and the Fire Pit follows tomorrow!

Check out the amazing speakers and poets at this years Pitch Festival Firepit stage. They bring a wide, diverse, fascinating, entertaining, thought provoking and powerful mix and are not to be missed. Some tickets may still be available here.

Get more detail about Saturday’s line-up here, and more detail about Sunday’s line-up here.

See you there!!

All In A Days Work

So excited for the Quick! HIDE Production Summer schedule!

Quick, HIDE! Productions

So, it may be a Saturday and it may be Easter but we are on it! We met today today and planned so many things we can’t wait to tell you, but also can’t tell you yet.  We have created a few brand new sketches and planned the set list for our next up coming shows. The excitement is real, a little bit of wee came out. We almost got asked to leave. We have planned a brand new show but still kept a few old favourites. We can’t wait to rehearse them and hope you love them.

We also wanted to take a second to introduce to the team, seeing as we have begun a whole new project and journey as Quick, HIDE! Productions. We are:

  • The actor, parody songstress and force of nature Karla Hope
  • Actor, physical comedy master and sweat enthusiast Ryan Hill
  • Musical genius and multi-instrumentalist…

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I have a proposal
A new measurement
A better way
Been looking at the figures
And what they show about real lives
I don’t know what to say

Gross domestic product
The money we all make
High or low
People’s faces struggle to smile
Don’t have that special glow
You know

So, how about it?
Forget profit
Let’s measure gross domestic joy
The happiness and contentedness
Of every man and woman
Girl and boy

Because I feel that joy is more important
And when it could all be over in an instant
Does that soulless job
Or money in the bank
Fill your soul with light
And delight

I bet not
And don’t get me wrong
In our economic system
Money has it’s place
We have just elevated it
Up to too higher a place

But joy is special
Joy is at the heart of life
Forget your money
It can’t be bought for any price
It can just be

Joy births smiles
It’s side effects include happiness
And laughter
It is in the small and the big
It is ours to find
A sign of life living finesse

Gross national joy
If that is as our aim
Can you imagine the place, the policies
The perfect actualisation of life,
Love and philosophy
I think it could be the future

Dave James Horn ©

People + Places = Moments

A moment to stay for
Coupled with
Nothing to walk away for
Makes for a perfect end
To a day for sure

A projector dispenses
Images at a wall
Slovakian tongues, poor subtitles
The treat for these few
By this moment entitled

Eyes feast
Laughs spill
Another culture
Into mind
Does spill

Very similar but different
Like a cousin
The culture shown
And the one watching
Both bite nails as the whistle is blown

The assembled few
Stare on, mesmerised
Friends and strangers
All explorers in the light
Dancing on this wall

They see different people
In different places
Doing the same things
Making the same faces
They feel the pain and laugh the same

All in this amazing pocket
Of circumstance and time
An atmosphere
Rarefied and sublime
Oh, what a lovely time!

Dave James Horn ©