The Coded Life 2: Language

But it doesn’t end there For even when DNA Has decided the colour Of your hair We have to learn all these symbols At which we are made to stop and stare We have to learn language Individual letters, whole words Sentences, grammar And then how to say them If we want them To be […]

Codes part 1: Origins

This follows on from The Coded Life and is the first part of musings and wonderings about our coded lives.  We are subject to codes Before we even exist Before even our parents Exchanged fluids and kissed A social code informs The circumstances of our birth Our name, our conditions The places we can and […]

Lessons from Yoga #2

This is basically stream of consciousness after the experience of today’s yoga with some attempt at grammar. Don’t do drugs, do yoga! Like boiling impurites from water, the deeper you go thoughts become rigid and hard and boil off, deeper still identity boils off until there just is. No forms, just awareness and presence. Surrendering […]

The Life Dialectic 

Philosophy; it doesn’t have all answers.  In fact it doesn’t have any answers.  I mean depending on our interpretation of truth what even is an answer?  An act of mental masturbation by some, an endless maze to others – philosophy’s ‘answer’ at least from my perspective is the cognitive equipment to think, see and develop […]