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The House Guitar

Another song on another day
The house guitar rings out
To help the spontaneous
And the ill prepared
Always have their say

It’s body a tapestry of finger prints
It’s tuning off sometimes so much
The new player is known to wince
The house guitar hangs ready
For the next persons touch

Ready to help the next troubadour
Release their soul
And let their spirit soar
Never knowing who
Might walk through the door

A thousand different songs
Covers, one offs and originals
And still it’s repertoire goes on and on
This guitar shining out possibilities
like a bright star

More than this though
The guitar radiates the warmth
Of a thousand players
Detailing a history
That few will ever know

And a mystery
Who has used it before
Who will use it next
And whoever decided to tune it like that
The new addition is thoroughly vexed

But player after player
Leaves their mark
Leaves their spark
As someone might
Leave notches on a bedpost

Something special shared
By this guitar and them
And by us, the listener
All making a moment
More unique than a priceless gem

So, here’s to the house guitar
The beating heart
Of any bar
Something slightly

Dave James Horn ©

Open Mic at Stag Coffee, Ashford 23-02-18

Thank you everyone for coming to the open mic at Stag Coffee, Ashford hosted by Francesca Baker/And So She Thinks and myself. It was great to see so many awesome artists. We had comedy, music and poetry covering everything from how to flirt with someone Instagram style to some beautiful jazz classic renditions. Here are some photos. See you again at Stag on the 30th March.

Stag Coffee Open Mic 26-01-18

It was the second open mic Francesca / And So She Thinks and I have run at Stag Coffee in Ashford and it was amazing! So many talented people came and performed to an equally amazing and full audience. What an awesome night!! We will do it all again in February, the last Friday of every month and already can’t wait!

In the meantime here are a few photos from the night.

The Lime Bar Open Stage 21-01-18

Sunday was amazing! The level of variety in format and topic was incredible, from the serious and profound to the hilarious and comic – it was a wonderful afternoon to be part of and watch! Here are some photos, see you Sunday 2-5!