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Moon Beams

Enjoy the full moon tonight!

Over the sea
The moon rose again
Her pink glow
Carrying an invitation of zen

Her gentle beams
Across the waves traced
Illuminating the eyes
Of every face

A carpet of moon beams
An entrance rippled
And she extended a hand
Whispered a plan

A carriage of waves
Waiting to carry those
Who recognised her quiet beauty
Equal to the sun’s loud rays

The lucky few transported by their view
Simultaeously fell, stood and flew
Because when you’re already at your destination
What else would you do

Looking up to space
They simply saw a face
A shrine at which
Adorations could be placed

The moon’s magic
Was in her beams
A sight that cannot
Be unseen

A portal to now
An anchor to here
A way through the forest
To a mind that is clear

Only then do you witness her
Not with eyes, she can only be felt
A full emptyness
A complete emptyness

An invitation to stillness
A doorway to bliss
Because when it comes to it
Who searches for more than this?

Dave James Horn ©


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