Dawn Blossom

Here is the latest video/vlog on my YouTube channel, Dawn Blossom, which also features on on an impromtu EP called Bloom. In other news I can’t wait to put a call out for poets at Pitch Festival 2018!! We are just finalising a few things.

Back to the EP, listen and download it at the bottom. This is an impromtu EP recorded in the South Downs around Folkestone, Kent. Dead Wood is based on a breakdown and experience of recovery, a poem that I could only write four years after the event. Dawn Blossom is newer and inspired by a particualry moving yoga session. Recorded on a SLR camera, the recording has aimed to capture the ambient sounds of the location which include birdsong, inevitable traffic and the odd bit of wind interference.

The idea to read them was even based on the environment. Aware that the sounds and place were so beautiful, I looked for relevant poems I might record. Scrolling though, a leaf fell from the trees above onto Dead Wood – selecting a poem I would never normally consider but still setting the tone of the recording session.

They are one side of my writing and may feature in my second book, to be released later in the year! Exciting times!


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