Patterns of Trauma, written for The Sick of The Fringe at Normal? Festival 2018

It was a privilege to work with The Sick of The Fringe (TSOTF) at this year’s Normal? festival.

It is an amazing festival which explores the brain and mental health issues. They write and diagnose events at festivals all over the country from the Edinburgh Fringe festival to Latitude. The word diagnose is important as it is their mission is not to pass judgement, just to talk about the ideas a piece presents.

This is the first of two pieces I wrote for TSOTF, about trauma and the part it plays in art. This is from the point of view of  both it’s inspiration and delivery. Below is an except and a link to the piece.

It is an age-old question: where does the best art come from, happiness or melancholy? It is a hard question to answer, and Patterns of Trauma explored the role of trauma in an artist’s work from the perspective of three artists, covering a range of disciplines.

Read the full piece here.


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