Written for a poetry slam that never happened.

“I feel like trash”
Said one empty coke can
To the other
The other said “shush now
No one can make you
Feel like that”

The first gave a look
Only a coke can, can
Said “how can you say that
I sit here drained and emptied
Discarded and abandoned
Worse still the last sips were spat”

The second coke can
Positively beamed,
In the near miss gleam
Of a car’s headlight
Said “well now recent times
Don’t sound a delight”

“But here you stand
In this new place unplanned
Ready to take time’s extended hand
An instrument, a holder of things
A fruit tree bird deterrent
The potential practically sings”

No one can say we are trash
Maybe our use has changed
But our worth remains the same
This throw away culture
Causing the problems
But accepting no blame

Ready for a different joy
On a different day
There is still a part to play

Dave James Horn ©

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