The Beast From The East

the beast from the east, connection, community, snow, poem, dave horn, dave james horn, david horn, david james horn, visible thoughts

The weather forecast warned us
Don’t go out or the beast will get ya
Watch out for crashed cars
And a sore arse
They said

And heedless, I went ahead
Survived a few days
But when the ice came
On my feet it was
Just too hard to remain

But the beast was beautiful to
An invitation to share and talk
With strangers from every life and walk
Dropping the personal shield
Hands reaching out across the icy field

Sledging and snowball fights
Giggles and laughs
In this world
It can be a while before
They cross your path

More than this though
An enforced mindfulness
And slowing down
No choice not to take in the cold beauty
And exchange the frown

Some people say
The snow turns life upside down
But then who is to say
That to begin with
We had it the right way around?

Dave James Horn ©

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