In Between Lives

In between lives, employment, unemployment, poem, dave horn, dave james horn, david horn, david james horn, visible thoughts

It’s a curious place to be
Sitting between lives
Like being on small island
Lapped by two different tides
And yet here I am
Just kicking back getting a sun tan

Looking back I can see shipwrecks
And blood specks
The water sits crowded
Simply a mess
I take a sip of my coffee
Appreciate this sunshine and peace

In front of me the water stretches
Calm and unbroken
I ask it for a direction, a token
The wind whispers an unknown tongue
Perhaps one soon to be sung
I greet the uncertainty with a feeling of fun

Some days I sit in the surf
Marvel as my feet float above
The sunken earth
Looking for that wave
Some idea or direction
It’s a reassurance I crave

It hasn’t come yet
But somehow I feel it
A feeling of optimism
Filling my soul
Like air
Fills my lungs

For now though
I’m just sitting
In between lives
With sand between my fingers
As I search through
The possibilities being advertised

Dave James Horn ©

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