Dave James Horn, Visible Thoughts

I Need You

This is basically a love letter to all people, the turning of a new leaf.

I sit here in the glow of a Hollywood hit
And reflect how rare it is
That one of these movies
Makes me think about shit

I sit and I realise
I can’t do this without you
And I don’t mean
As love-sick lovers do

I mean I have seen a crude analogy
Of egos, isolation and self reliance
And this reflection invites me
To take a new stance

I need you, I can’t do everything alone
Bitten and burnt before
I fully see its not all about me
I went and carved a tower and a throne
But I need you and I am happy

I realise, a world without you
Would be a sad place indeed
My self made fortress of solitude
Is as boring as it is rude

And whilst I realise I need space
I still enjoy and love your face
Do come in, though I am a mess
And sometimes you will see that I must confess

But I want to know you and I want you
To know me
So that is the way it has be
Straight up cards on the table

We are all on the same team
Atoms in the same Universe
And only now do I see
Together we are more, together is happy

So I just wanted to say
I need you
I want to share life with you
Equals we are, we make a better day

So this is me, and sometimes I’m a mess
But I’ve taken down the curtain
And I like this open feeling
I think it could be the best

Dave James Horn ©

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