My lungs fill
And my chest does rise
As per the flow
Of an invisible tide
Even with its own sound
As it washes in and out

So small as to have
No visible form
Yet so powerful
It adds colour to my blood
Sustaining a head full of dreams
And eyes to see the sun beams

A gift given by life
To other life
Evidence of a link
Massive yet so subtle
My repeated breath
Happy proof of life in sync

Further still
This dear air connects
In that most debated way
A mind to a body
A consciousness to a heart beat
The breath is my sadle

As I delve within
To that place of peace
Where all the noise
Like a hurricane going
To a gentle breeze
Stops howling

My trust in my breath
A lifetime foundation
The oxygen dependent action
Between my life and my death
My breath. My catalyst.
My source of deep bliss

Dave James Horn ©

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