Equally inspired by Dirk Gently Holistic Detective and a friend’s birthday.

No one is alone
In the great dance of life
You just have to take
The first step
Out to where the sick beats drop
And from drink
The floor is wet

Dancing, that unspoken language
That ebbs and flows
Takes you along with it
Which and every way it goes
See, it ends in your
Arms and your head
But it starts in your toes

No one is alone
Because no one is separate
All different combinations
Different celebrations
And the music is good
Be it ambient vibes
Or hard as it could

It just takes the first step
The rest just happen and follow
In the rhythms glow
It is quite a dance
Blissful and joyous
Hard or easy, fast or slow
Salsa, house, indie or trance

When life is a dance
It all starts with a single step

Dave James Horn ©

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