Homlessness, homeless people, visible thoughts, tommy, dave james horn

It is awfully cold outside there this time of year, you have to be thankful.

He gets on the train
Takes a seat
His face is a portrait
Of life’s trials and it’s heat
You worry he’s seen you
And stare at your feet

But you speculate
Homeless most probably
Drugs, definitely coccaine
And before you know it
You have decided his life
When you don’t even know his name

His name is Tommy
And Tommy was a school boy
He got gold stars
And good grades
Aged 12 he actually invented
A new type of toy

At parents evening
Teachers told foster parents
“Against all the odds he is achieving
Very clever indeed
But you could help him
With his reading”

Tommy was a school boy
Like the many you see
A collection of potential,
Of hopes and dreams
And whilst things may go wrong
People can be far from what they seem

Today Tommy is a man
A person like anyone else
Sitting in a booth for four
Because three of his friends
Didn’t make it
And aren’t around anymore

And not to white wash things
Tommy made his choices
Not all of them nice or good
But somethings in life you can’t predict
When something goes majorly wrong
We don’t know how we’ll deal with it

Tommy stands at the carriage door
A man who hurts and loves
Has a heart beat and aching feet
Who do you see when you see Tommy?
A stranger, a family member, a friend?
Maybe you or me?

Dave James Horn Ā©

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