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The View From The Hill

A little celebration of Folkestone, what a wonderful place it is!

Descarte doubted all things
Questioned his senses
And the information
They would bring
He thinks because he is
And that is all
He can be sure of

But he also says
To know something
With clarity and beyond doubt
Is for it to be true
And in the murky world
Of metaphysics
These things are few

But there is one thing
I know with clarity
And without doubt
And that is the feeling
Of warmth that spills out
Everytime I see the view
So shiny as to be new

The brow of the hill
That leads to my home town
From the top deck of a bus
As late darkness surrounds
The portrait of lights
Framed by the hills
And by the sea

That feeling that home
Is just down the way
And whether the night
Has been a victory or a defeat
There is beauty in the world
And tomorrow
Is a new day

Travelling down
Into the embrace
Of bricks, mortar and trees
The hill top view in my memory
I am reminded
It is towns like these
That create magic and mysteries

Dave James Horn ©

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