Can You Imagine?

I am part of a comedy troupe called Bright Stars, we have shows this Friday (1st December) and Saturday (2nd December) night at St Eansywthe school, Folkestone.  We are raising money for the Campaign Against Living Miserably and the school.  Expect comedy sketches, music, poetry (including this) – it will be a good laugh and all for good causes.  There are tickets on the door, and doors open at 7.30.  It would be great to see you!

2014 is the year
Me and a mate
Are busy
Investigating a few beers

He says to me
Can you imagine?!
I said no mate
I find it hard to fathom

He said but you must
Its going to happen
I look confused
Think maybe I should slap him

He just won’t let it go
Wants me to see it
Believe it
But I think he is talking bull sh…

I have enough
I look him square in the face
Fix him him with a stare
That says do I look like I care

He says Donald Trump
Will be president
I think he should find
A new brain to rent

Then I say to him
Can you imagine
A 6′ 5″ man in heels and a unicorn onesie
Doing shots with your mum?

He says no,
I tell him
You best not
Turn around then

Dave James Horn ©

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