The Fish That Couldn’t Climb Trees

If it exists
Then it can be done
By anyone
Be it seriously
Or just for fun
If it exists
Then it can be done

And so the fish gazed up
And vowed it would
Climb that tree
And until such a day
Never would it rest
Or allow itself
To be happy

It tried and tried
Against natures design
And all goods
It made it up a few branches
The crowd below cheered
And said
What are the chances?

But fish don’t climb trees
They just can’t
No fail or judgement
They were built
For a watery environment
That is the place
They feel content

But it kept going
They stared at the fish
As he began to struggle
Not even a quarter up
It was plain to see
It had
A death wish

The fish blacked out
Lack of oxygen
Because without any water
He had no way to breathe
Landed in the river
Just in time
Though filled with doubt

But it was a fish
And there was one ability
Given to him
He could swim
And faster than most
Though in his force of will
He had not value the skill

Then he accepted
That this was his deal
He stopped feeling a failure
And remembered
How good he could feel
Could it climb a tree?
No, but it swims better than me

The fish never did
Climb that tree
Instead it chose to swim
Embrace it’s assets
And be happy
That day it chose
To set itself free

Dave James Horn ©

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