People + Places = Moments

A moment to stay for
Coupled with
Nothing to walk away for
Makes for a perfect end
To a day for sure

A projector dispenses
Images at a wall
Slovakian tongues, poor subtitles
The treat for these few
By this moment entitled

Eyes feast
Laughs spill
Another culture
Into mind
Does spill

Very similar but different
Like a cousin
The culture shown
And the one watching
Both bite nails as the whistle is blown

The assembled few
Stare on, mesmerised
Friends and strangers
All explorers in the light
Dancing on this wall

They see different people
In different places
Doing the same things
Making the same faces
They feel the pain and laugh the same

All in this amazing pocket
Of circumstance and time
An atmosphere
Rarefied and sublime
Oh, what a lovely time!

Dave James Horn ©


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